Board Meeting Minutes – 11.2.16

Omaha Virtual School PTO
Board of Directors Meeting
November 2, 2016



Present: Suzi, Ashley, and NaTasha

Absent: Wendy

Suzi called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm


Meeting was began by working on bylaws. The first thing on the table is what does the Co-position look like as far as a position looks like.


Bylaws are being discussed and changed as needed, such as which person has signing privileges and such.


Ashley motions to move to VP position. Seconded.


Vacancies on the board. How will this be handled and written in the by laws. We are currently changing the wording of what is policy for how to handle a board executive vacancy.


At this time we are finished with the bylaws and are waiting for Wendy’s approval.


Suzi is moving the agenda for 11-3 over to Google so we can look at it and take notes in it tomorrow.


Suzi and Ashley started working on a document to pair up board members with committee leaders.  We will need a once a month update from each committee chair by the first wednesday of every month to be reported at our monthly board meetings on the second wednesday of every month.  See separate doc for the pair ups.


Ashley will make up, in google forms, the forms for the committee leaders to fill out each month with updates as well as nomination forms for the vacant positions.


Meeting closed at 8:42pm

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