Member Meeting Minutes – 11.3.16


Omaha Virtual School PTO
Members Meeting
November 3, 2016


Wendy called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm

Wendy discussed what this meeting was for and why we were having it.

Wendy introduced Suzi, Ashley and NaTasha.

Suzi, Ashley and NaTasha discussed why each of them joined OVS, the PTO, and what their positions would entail. NaTasha also discussed the positions that were still open and what the voting would look like. We opened up nominations online for one week and then voting for three days.

NaTasha also explained the incorporation paperwork and bank account issues and dues.

Suzi then called up the Library representative who showed us several interesting uses of the library program and other online services.

Suzi then introduced Mr. Dowling to the group who discussed the school mascot. He opened up voting for parents to narrow the 12 choices down to 3 for the students to then vote on during the week of 11-7.

Suzi then introduced an activity to come up with a mission statement for the PTO. Parents brainstormed a few ideas. They were student focused, child focused, collaborative, engaged and involved parents, inclusivity They were encouraged to write more down on the back of their PTO application form.

The meeting concluded with a thanks to all who came. They were encouraged to fill out the forms to show interest in any open positions or committees. They were also encouraged to pay their PTO dues if they were interested in being on the board.

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