Board Meeting Minutes – 2.1.17

Omaha Virtual School PTO
Board of Directors Meeting
February 1, 2017


Meeting called to order by President Suzi King at 6:45pm
Present: NaTasha Gall, Renee Kiernan, Suzi King, Wendy Loewenstein, Ashley Muller
Absent: None

  • All positions need duties defined.
  • Candy Grams – We voted on sucker donations or to give $10 to Ashley if we can’t get a family to donate suckers.   
  • Articles signed – finally these are done and submitted a second time. We are waiting to find out if they are approved.
  • Committee updates – (I will let the committees that are present fill in here)
  • Bank account – no updates but agreed on First National on Cass Street near DoSpace to open the account.
  • EIN status – Suzi delegated to Renee a letter to mail to let IRS know that we do not want that particular EIN. We have a new one with a name and address that match the Articles of Incorporation.
  • Begin presentation/agenda for March Member Meeting – we did get an agenda developed for the upcoming Board meeting on 2.22.17 and the upcoming Member Meeting in a slide show. Slides will be created in Google Slides for now.
  • PEG Groups – We talked about this in further detail.
  • Wendy emailed Jenny about potential t-shirt orders.
  • Ashley will contact B&N to see if we can have a speaker at our next member meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Suzi King


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