Board Meeting Minutes – 2.22.17

Omaha Virtual School PTO
Board of Directors Meeting
February 22, 2017


Meeting called to order by President Suzi King at 6:45pm

Present: Renee Kiernan, Suzi King, Wendy Loewenstein, Ashley Muller, Jennifer Bostick

Absent: NaTasha Gall


  • Minutes from 2-1-22 approved by everyone.
  • Financial report approved by everyone.
  • Update on Articles, Bank Account, PayPal – Suzi
  • Events Committee – coordinating committee efforts. Events needs a chair and people as a part of it. Renee will touch base with people who have expressed interest to see if we could find someone interested in chairing.
  • Website Launch – Ashley and Suzi will continue to work on the site during DoSpace times.
  • We will leave the Enrolled Facebook Group open for the sake of keeping it as the only one open.
  • We would like to find someone interested in blogging regularly for the website.
  • We would like a social media chair.
  • Member Number Update – we now have 17 members.
  • End of the Year Event – will likely be Stormchasers game at June 6 at 12:05pm. Ashley is approved to use PTO funds to purchase tickets for us to sell.
  • T-shirt Orders – We have met our goal and the orders continue to come in.
  • Room 220 for the Member Meeting next week on March 2.
  • Member Meeting Agenda – we will do financial report and approve minutes from prior one and handouts
  • Follow up on Candy Grams – what we learned – we made $170. We would like to do this semi-annually and online. The kids loved it!
  • Follow up on B&N – April 6 from 1-5 is when we are doing Barnes & Noble and Chick-Fil-A from 5-7. That is also Kindergarten Round Up from 2-4: we need a PTO table and volunteers to run it. The teachers have formed a committee to decide what type of event we will have at B&N by March 1st (such as science projects or some sort of STEM research project) – we may make it into a publicity event for OVS and have OWH there and flyers will be there about the school.
  • Follow up on the zoo – nothing at this point.
  • Follow up on field trips – SAC Museum on March 10th, RESPECT Group is coming out in April which will tie into the school theme of empathy.
  • We worked on the agenda presentation for the upcoming meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Suzi King

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