Board Meeting Minutes – 2.22.17

Omaha Virtual School PTO
Board of Directors Meeting
February 22, 2017


Meeting called to order by President Suzi King at 6:45pm

Present: Renee Kiernan, Suzi King, Wendy Loewenstein, Ashley Muller, Jennifer Bostick

Absent: NaTasha Gall


  • Minutes from 2-1-22 approved by everyone.
  • Financial report approved by everyone.
  • Update on Articles, Bank Account, PayPal – Suzi
  • Events Committee – coordinating committee efforts. Events needs a chair and people as a part of it. Renee will touch base with people who have expressed interest to see if we could find someone interested in chairing.
  • Website Launch – Ashley and Suzi will continue to work on the site during DoSpace times.
  • We will leave the Enrolled Facebook Group open for the sake of keeping it as the only one open.
  • We would like to find someone interested in blogging regularly for the website.
  • We would like a social media chair.
  • Member Number Update – we now have 17 members.
  • End of the Year Event – will likely be Stormchasers game at June 6 at 12:05pm. Ashley is approved to use PTO funds to purchase tickets for us to sell.
  • T-shirt Orders – We have met our goal and the orders continue to come in.
  • Room 220 for the Member Meeting next week on March 2.
  • Member Meeting Agenda – we will do financial report and approve minutes from prior one and handouts
  • Follow up on Candy Grams – what we learned – we made $170. We would like to do this semi-annually and online. The kids loved it!
  • Follow up on B&N – April 6 from 1-5 is when we are doing Barnes & Noble and Chick-Fil-A from 5-7. That is also Kindergarten Round Up from 2-4: we need a PTO table and volunteers to run it. The teachers have formed a committee to decide what type of event we will have at B&N by March 1st (such as science projects or some sort of STEM research project) – we may make it into a publicity event for OVS and have OWH there and flyers will be there about the school.
  • Follow up on the zoo – nothing at this point.
  • Follow up on field trips – SAC Museum on March 10th, RESPECT Group is coming out in April which will tie into the school theme of empathy.
  • We worked on the agenda presentation for the upcoming meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Suzi King

Board Meeting Minutes – 2.1.17

Omaha Virtual School PTO
Board of Directors Meeting
February 1, 2017


Meeting called to order by President Suzi King at 6:45pm
Present: NaTasha Gall, Renee Kiernan, Suzi King, Wendy Loewenstein, Ashley Muller
Absent: None

  • All positions need duties defined.
  • Candy Grams – We voted on sucker donations or to give $10 to Ashley if we can’t get a family to donate suckers.   
  • Articles signed – finally these are done and submitted a second time. We are waiting to find out if they are approved.
  • Committee updates – (I will let the committees that are present fill in here)
  • Bank account – no updates but agreed on First National on Cass Street near DoSpace to open the account.
  • EIN status – Suzi delegated to Renee a letter to mail to let IRS know that we do not want that particular EIN. We have a new one with a name and address that match the Articles of Incorporation.
  • Begin presentation/agenda for March Member Meeting – we did get an agenda developed for the upcoming Board meeting on 2.22.17 and the upcoming Member Meeting in a slide show. Slides will be created in Google Slides for now.
  • PEG Groups – We talked about this in further detail.
  • Wendy emailed Jenny about potential t-shirt orders.
  • Ashley will contact B&N to see if we can have a speaker at our next member meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Suzi King


Board Meeting Minutes – 1.4.17

Omaha Virtual School PTO
Board of Directors Meeting
January 4, 2017


Meeting called to order by President Suzi King at 7pm

Present: Suzi King, Wendy Loewenstein, Ashley Muller, Renee Kiernan

Absent: NaTasha Gall

Meeting minutes missing from 12.14.16


  • We worked on an agenda/slide presentation for Member Meeting which will be held at 5:30pm on January 11, 2017.
  • The website for our PTO was brought to the table again. The domain for the Omaha Virtual School was $15. Omaha Virtual School PTO – Wendy nominated that we have a website, seconded by Renee and Ashley. A donation was made for the domain.
  • We collaborated on our mission and vision statement until we finished it. Our new mission statement is: “A collaborative Organization that Creates Engagement and Learning Opportunities for Teachers and parents to support Student success.”
  • We spoke about the focus groups for each grade group.
  • We also spoke about having LC mentors.
  • We spoke about the EIN. There is a filing fee for $75 that we need to see if we need to pay. We also need to change our address on the EIN to the Tac building.
  • The Articles of Incorporation need to be worked on. We received an email from the Secretary of State saying that our application for the Articles of Incorporation have been denied based on some missing information that we need to include. The document needs to be signed by all of us as well. We will be working on this in the coming week to fix it and prepare it for the re-file.
  • In order to open a bank account we will need the finalized Articles of Incorporation and the EIN to take to First National Bank when we open the account.
  • Wendy is meeting with a graphic designer on Friday to have our new mascot designed and work on the new logo.
  • We want to do fundraisers and raise money for:
    • Non-profit status
    • Special events
    • R.E.S.P.E.C.T. group
    • Could we do a wish-list for the school supplies – clay, book-trucks, dry-erase
    • We could also take donations
    • Robotics club have to be paid for to DoSpace
    • Can the Omaha Public School Foundation donate anything
    • Field trips
    • Special speakers
  • What are the visions for the committees – Events, Spirit, Fundraising




Respectfully submitted,

Suzi King


Board Meeting Minutes – 11.2.16

Omaha Virtual School PTO
Board of Directors Meeting
November 2, 2016



Present: Suzi, Ashley, and NaTasha

Absent: Wendy

Suzi called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm


Meeting was began by working on bylaws. The first thing on the table is what does the Co-position look like as far as a position looks like.


Bylaws are being discussed and changed as needed, such as which person has signing privileges and such.


Ashley motions to move to VP position. Seconded.


Vacancies on the board. How will this be handled and written in the by laws. We are currently changing the wording of what is policy for how to handle a board executive vacancy.


At this time we are finished with the bylaws and are waiting for Wendy’s approval.


Suzi is moving the agenda for 11-3 over to Google so we can look at it and take notes in it tomorrow.


Suzi and Ashley started working on a document to pair up board members with committee leaders.  We will need a once a month update from each committee chair by the first wednesday of every month to be reported at our monthly board meetings on the second wednesday of every month.  See separate doc for the pair ups.


Ashley will make up, in google forms, the forms for the committee leaders to fill out each month with updates as well as nomination forms for the vacant positions.


Meeting closed at 8:42pm